A question of politics…

On Monday the 2nd December, politics students across the UK attended Westminster Central Hall for an A level politics conference, one which the students of Luton Sixth Form College were lucky enough to attend.

The speakers were; John Bercow (speaker of the House of Commons), Simon Hughes (Deputy Leader of the Liberal Democrats), Tony Benn, Nadine Dorries MP, Neil Hamilton and many more. However, some students experienced slight disappointment on arrival, after receiving news that George Galloway would be unable to attend. He did however, tweet to some of our students apologising for his absence.

Students at the Conference also had the opportunity to ask the speakers questions, these ranged from personal questions to more political based questions. However, as a true politician, many of them dodged around what was asked of them. Whilst some students stayed to listen to all of the speakers, some chose to go out to Oxford Street for some much needed retail therapy. Others opted to walk around Parliament Square, to admire the beauty of government buildings or to go into the Supreme Court and listen to cases of national importance.

The conference ended at 3.45pm, by now the students were tired, but this did not stop them from enjoying themselves on the coach when coming back to Luton. Many of the students opted to sing Christmas Carols, whilst others chose to take ‘selfies’, (hopefully not giving Obama any hints) the odd few felt as if they had enough and fell asleep. Overall the day was full of fun and enjoyment, walking around Whitehall, visiting the ‘pleb’ gates of Downing Street and walking past the civil service offices. It was fun, but most importantly inspirational.

Alia Khan

AS Politics student

Overall, the politics conference was an insightful day understanding some of the roles the speakers had in Parliament and currently how things are going.

We discovered that the current Speaker of the House of Commons John Bercow’s role is to keep order and allowing MP’s to speak during a debate on a particular issue in the commons and how he must always remain politically impartial.

Neil Hamilton also stood in for the UKIP leader Nigel Farage who used his speech to undermine the Liberal Democrats and compared UKIP’s booming popularity to the Lib Dems and even claimed that they are now the third party in British politics.

The Deputy leader of the Liberal Democrats Simon Hughes MP still agrees that university fees should not be kept or, if kept, should be lower than the current £9,000 a year and how his party is trying to create a fairer system for the nation.

Shauna Cassidy

AS Politics student


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