Whatever happened to Nick Clegg?

Nick Clegg, that bloke who nobody had heard of until 2009 when he found his way onto our screens with the big fish, Cameron and Brown. Then, as if by magic, everybody loved him because we all agreed with Nick. Top of the popularity parade, big policies! No tuition fees? Yes please. He wormed his way into government with David Cameron. Whilst the parties they represent seem far so different. Liberals should want new and liberating social change whereas the traditional values of the Conservative party don’t seem to go together. They U-turned and they U-turned all of the policies people wanted. Families, the economy, education, even those tuition fees which secured the Liberals an increased vote from students. The Liberals have become just another branch of the Tory party.

14th-18th September 2013. The Liberal Conference was the focus of the media. 2013 is the turning point year for a conference. Nick Clegg had to distance himself from the coalition as the news had broken that 75% of people would never vote Liberal Democrat again. He had big words but no plans. Clegg was here to bring down the ‘two-party system’ *big cheer from his lackeys* and what the Liberals had actually achieved in government. He told us that he had stopped the return of O-Levels. Because this was nothing due to moral panic, media outrage and an overwhelming NO from hundreds of MP’s. He stopped us getting rid of the Human Rights Act, one of the most controversial pieces of legislation introduced by New Labour that has allowed people like Abu Hamza and Abu Qatada to stay in the UK and abuse the system for years and years. The Human Rights Act made the UK a safe haven preventing harm from the international community. But there was the Snoopers’ Charter which was blocked and Liberal MP Julian Huppert destroyed the government proposing the bill. There were also the boundary changes which Lib Dem Peers blocked until past the 2015 election. Nick’s big idea was giving free school dinner to all primary school children from September 2014. But the UK has growth!!!!@!@!@!!!! So £600m for bolognese and mash is all fine and dandy?

Since its introduction, the Liberals have always opposed the Trident nuclear weapons programme, as did Old Labour, and whilst Trident was denounced there was no call for its removal by Nick Clegg if the Liberals got back into government.

As a whole, Clegg’s Liberal conference was somewhat ‘Milibandesqe’ from what we have seen from previous Labour conferences under Miliband are typically lacking major policy. He seemed damning of the coalition and the Tories and had a few key moments of utter applause.

However, will the events of the conference change the statistics mentioned initially?

Jamie Scott


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