OMG Ed Mili!

Ed Mili has finally grown a pair! I must admit, he made a bold move. After listening to him on Tuesday when he said that the Labour Party would support intervention in Syria if it “was legal”, I thought “right…we’re in.” But no! Mili shocks us all by proposing an amendment to the government’s resolution.

The debate started in the Commons yesterday at 2.30 pm and ended very late into the evening when my BBC app alerted me that the Commons had voted; no! The government motion was defeated 285 to 272, a majority of 13 votes!

Mr Miliband has certainly up-graded himself within the Labour Party. As a member of the Party I received an email explaining the amendment put forward and I honestly got really excited for British politics. Historians last night were debating whether the last time a PM was defeated on a matter of peace and war was 1782 or 1855- either way it was a very long time ago! Not only was it an embarrassing defeat, but the fact that Cameron didn’t get full support from his own party and the fact that he recalled Parliament further adds to his embarrassment. Poor guy. If only the Commons had voted logically years ago, arguably tens, if not thousands of Arabs would still be alive today.
So what now? UN inspectors have left Syria and their results are expected to be published tomorrow. If chemical weapons have been used by the Assad regime, international law has consequently been breached. So what happens if this is the case? Well, seems like the US could go in alone. Hollande has said that Britain’s vote wont discourage France from intervening… Turkey is still deliberating… But the real question to ask is: what will happen to Syria after military action and after the Assad regime has been toppled? Is it going to be left in the same state as Iraq?

The vote in the Commons wont destroy our special relationship with America- it might do some limited damage but it won’t endanger our security. Kerry has admitted that this vote wont affect US foreign policy… God knows what those Americans are thinking. All I know is that Assad is responsible for over 100,000 deaths (registered in the last two years) and this chemical attack has killed over 1000 people. If we- or anyone else intervenes- we’d basically be asking the Syrian people to dig up their graves and watch the number of deaths increase.

Aysegul Gurbuz


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