What’s Happening in Egypt?

That is a very stupid title to have, as I’m guessing most of you know what’s happening in Egypt and are following the news, but I couldn’t think of anything better- really not in that imaginative of a mood.

To begin with I just want to inform the reader of who Mohamed Morsi actually is. Morsi is/was the fifth and first democratically elected President in Egypt. He is considered by most to be the first democratically elected head of state in Egyptian history, although his predecessors also held elections, which were generally marred by irregularities and allegations of rigging. He was, however, the first President to have first assumed his duty after an election, as opposed to his predecessors who came into power as revolutionaries e.g. Nasser and as appointed successors, Sadat, Mubarak.

On 30 June 2013, protests erupted across Egypt calling for the President’s resignation, following severe fuel shortages and electricity outages which evidence shows were orchestrated by Mubarak-era Egyptian elites with the intention of causing a coup. This was followed by a threat of the military force which later resulted in a coup on the 3rd July 2013. Now some ignorant individuals, such as John Kerry, believe that this coup will “bring back democracy to Egypt.” Since when has an army coup been democratic? This comment coming from the US Secretary of State is made somewhat more awkward by the fact that the US is apparently the most democratic country, HA. He seemed to backpedal after commenting that “Egypt needs to return back to normal” but hey, we’ll see.

When I wrote about the Gezi riots that occurred months earlier I was feeling angry, I guess. But writing about Egypt, I’m frustrated, sick and tired of seeing what foreign interference can do to countries.

Barack Obama claimed that Morsi’s government wasn’t “inclusive and didn’t respect the views of all Egyptians” which leaves me thinking whether his government represents the Tea Party too… When ever has there been a government in which all opinions and all life styles are represented? I can’t recall any. But let’s return to the point. Now since the coup it’s been estimated that over 3500 people have been murdered. Not killed but murdered. The world is watching another massacre and is choosing to be quiet about it. Carrying on…

I received a hell of a lot abuse when I posted about the Gezi riots, in which people criticised me for not “accepting police violence.” Let this picture, one of many, talk for itself.


Morsi was a well-respected President seen by his good relationship with Hamas. This obviously didn’t please the Israelis, and if you don’t please Israel you don’t please America. Read more about this here: 

Mass demonstrations are still occurring in Cairo, and won’t stop until the Egyptian people receive what they want. However, we – well I – hope, the military soon realise their mistake, and although they wont be able to bring back the dead, they may be able to restore the country for a better future. Unfortunately that’s probably just wishful thinking.

Aysegul Gurbuz


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